Monday, 1 February 2010

This Sunday to finish our Sunday exploration, we decided to go to a cake shop (Konditori in swedish), the one that I wanted to go to since two weeks ago and that is near home. Before I continue I have to tell you that Swedish people like lights very much, I guess that it´s because of the long winter nights. There is no window without at least one point of light or something that causes a feeling of warm and comfort. So, you feel like coming in and staying there, I love it!! The cafe had all those things and also it looked like a story with its decoration and its “weird” colored cakes. The coffee wasn´t all bad, it was accompanied by a green cake with cream and one red glace cherry. It was really good, although I don´t like cakes very much. I like more salty things and coffee, it comes from family… I bought a coffee maker, I wanted to see if I could make it better, but the raw material is not good enough. Here the coffee doesn´t smell like coffee. They also like tea, they have as much variety as sauces. I put pictures here so you can believe me. There are whole corridors of both things. I´m sure that if they try a good “pot coffee”, they would change their minds, that´s good coffee!!.

I love to go to the supermarket because I always find one thing that I need or that it´s new for me. There is no butcher´s shop or fishs´ shop. Meat and fish are packed and they don´t have a photo on the cover, you don´t know if you buy reindeer meat or pork. The only thing that I can distingue is the salmon. I don´t know why they don´t put any photo. If I was a label designer I wouldn´t doubt for a moment, Shutterstock has all kinds of animals, you don´t need to go into the countryside with a camera on your shoulder, hehehe. I guess that in Spain it is be the same, but it isn’t in Swedish so I understand. Today, I found mayonnaise. It is perfect for salads and it´s cheap, that´s the best. The Dictionary helps a lot too, but I feel observed. I´m getting a lot of agility at searching. The next time, I´ll bring to Sweden:
Sunflower seed, lentils, quince and coffee. I won’t say anything about Jamón Serrano and chorizo because I already have them.
One big kiss.