Tuesday, 26 January 2010
I live in a two floor building, in door 67. It´s an apartment with kitchen, small but we have plenty of space, and it´s absolutely comfortable. In our hall there are eight apartment more, so the nine of us share a kitchen with all appliances and equipment that one mother always reach with her hand*. We live at thirty minutes walking from the ski slope, ten from town center, five minutes from campus and three minutes from skating rink, what more could I ask for? Well for example, I could ask that the name of the street was Villagatan, I love it, because it looks like to brought of "Penguin Village". Ah! Gatan is street in Swedish.
The laundry is one of my favorite weird things. It´s in the bottom floor, and you have to reserve day and hour. In the horror movies usually there is a place where you have more risk of death, you only have to do that one light doesn´t work good and you already have the joke prepared, but it only should be in U.S.A. because here in Sweden the laundry is great friendly, but situations of tension might occur, thought it wasn´t the same way.
On Saturday I went to take the clothes from the dryer and a girl came in and talked to me like a submachine gun in Swedish. When I could react: I´m sorry I don´t speak Swedish (this is my best sentence), so when I thought I had run away… She started to talk with me like a submachine gun in English… My ears were boiling and I wanted to get into the whaser, but Lis,
it´s her name, was very cheerful and determined to know who was me, so I had to keep one conversation with her. With a little work at the beginning and a lot of questions from her, I finished to telling a bit of my life and it proved to be very funny. Of course!! She want to travel to Spain. Ohhh! Spain a lot of party!!.
Here a picture of the lit laundry. The yellow board in the left is the panel where you reserved date and time. It´s marvelous!

To learn a little more every day, I will do this English version of my blog, I accept suggestions and corrections, of course. Poor Swedish people, they will have to deal with me!

*I think that I only used the scissors, the oven and the microwave, but everything will come. I already cooked paella, it was very tasty… rice with eggs, with a bit training I will be able to pay a tribute to you ;) Blink
*Thank you Mr. Couceiro for your help.